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The Importance of Unified and Real Time Client Communication In & Post The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Collective rethinking and exploration of simplified and streamlined methods for client and team communication are ongoing since the COVID-19 first arrived.

As remote working is becoming the new normal across the globe, communication and virtual collaboration are now more of a necessity than a luxury for all kinds of business organizations around the world. The boom in the work from home and remote work culture has forced businesses to make use of unified communication tools and applications.

Out of all the resources provided by employers in the USA to their employees during COVID-19, 26% consists of communication technology, which is the highest of all other resources.

Business Reliance on Communication

Most of the businesses around the world were not at all prepared for this level of disruption and productivity disorder at all. Remote support and virtual collaboration become a must-have tool all of a sudden.

Preparedness for the worst has to be a priority for all kinds of organizations post the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a seamless collaboration and communication mechanism, no organization will be able to work to its highest level in the new remote work culture.

Organizations are turning towards being more flexible in the future. Implementing simplified communication tools and applications in the complete workforce is now a priority. Regular video meetings, cloud data sharing, group calls, instant messaging, and so forth are now becoming as important as daily attendance and coffee breaks!

Communication and Health Security

Safety is an important concern these days for all kinds of business organizations. Companies aren’t forcing their employees to return to their office desks.

With many countries facing the second and third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, unified communication for remote employees ensure that employees stay safe inside their house.

With capabilities like group video calls, project-based messaging, and personalized communication, communication, and health concerns are being taken care of by unified communication tools and applications.

Future-Proof & Personalized Communication Capabilities

Apps and software with unified communication capabilities are offering some of the most advanced and future-proof features these days.

Click-to-connect, seamless file sharing, integratedinstant messaging, real time client communication, voice calls, communication history logging, and various other remote-work centric and future-proof features are making communication easier for all kinds of organizations.

As now it’s quite clear that remote working will lead the way forward, personalized communication capabilities are now becoming an integral feature of different communication and collaboration tools around the world.



Remote working is the new normal and is here to stay for sure. The success of remote working in these COVID-19 pandemic times has motivated many organizations in making it a permanent part of their workforce in the future.

Unified communication is important for remote working. Temporary communication solutions might do your job today but you can’t expect working with them when remote working becomes permanent. The need of the hour is a flexible and advanced Unified Communication tool.

Talygen offers an advanced and future-proof Unified Communication Module that empowers your team to work more efficiently and productively. With features like Merging Instant Messaging, Voice Call, Video Conferencing, Data Sharing, Chat logs, Communication Groups, and more, Talygen is a complete, all-inclusive Unified Communication provider. Sign up for a Free Demo today here!

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